0N1 Force sees the future of NFT ownership as cross-platform. We envision a digital social network with no boundaries. The Ethereal Enclave, within the 0N1VERSE, is an endless city, and it is the place where the 0N1 điện thoại tư vấn home. For what was eternity the 0N1 lived peacefully until abruptly The Shift, a cataclysmic event, thrust the Enclave into chaos.Now the 7,777 0N1, with a new found Strength, Style, and Spirit, must reclaim their protective Nano Suits, và restore balance to the Ethereal Enclave.

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0N1 Force is set khổng lồ develop a new generation of cross-platform IP that enables the co-creation of the 0N1VERSE, fusing narrative and gaming with the latest in web3 technology.0N1 Force embodies Strength, Style, và Spirit, by building strength in community, elevating style in both Metaverse & reality, and is driven by the spirit of imagination.


0N1 FRAMES NFTs are the next evolution, not just in our PFP collection, but in the storytelling universe that we are building called the 0N1VERSE. The 0N1 FRAMES are a direct extension of the original 0N1 Force NFT & are bound both in DNA and ownership.Like a super hero's outfit, 0N1 FRAMES are custom tailored for each of the 7,777 0N1. Traits such as the original 0N1's mask and body type influence the 0N1 FRAMES và each is directly linked to it's owner. With the goal of providing an expanded 0N1verse, first take hold of the 0N1 Frames, the evolution in IP owned by each 0N1 and decide the future of the Ethereal Enclave.As with the original 0N1 Force Collection, you will now have 0N1 FRAMES lớn expand your toolkit.

The original 0N1 FORCE NFTs are the KEY:As long as you own an original 0N1, the 0N1 FRAMES are free to claim + gas. Claim your 0N1 FRAMES at any time, they will be available until all 7,777 0N1 FRAMES have been claimed.0N1 FRAMES are a second NFT collection that will appear separately on OpenSea.


EXCLUSIVE TO 0N1 FORCE HOLDERS:0N1 FRAMES are transferable but cannot be traded via xuất hiện marketplace.This is because each one of the 0N1 FRAMES are based directly on the original token ID. This is a continuation of the IP & guarantees ownership of the specific character và its derivatives as it evolves! 0N1 FRAMES will feature matching and unique new variations on traits!0N1 FRAMES can be moved to other wallets và through the dApp, 0N1 FORCE holders can always recall their 0N1 FRAMES!IMPORTANT: By selling or transfer of your original 0N1 FORCE NFT you also give ownership of the respective Frame to the wallet owner.

0N1VERSE VISION:We've opened the portal lớn a new world.With our new proprietary 0N1VERSE dashboard và DNA-based generative software, we will be able lớn expand our IP to lớn incorporate NFTs tied to lớn anything from land sale, vehicles, accessories, and expanded 3D assets, all connected khổng lồ the original 0N1 Force NFT tied khổng lồ the blockchain.Additionally, we see this as a vehicle for future collaborations in expanding the 0N1VERSE.


The 0N1VERSE is an ecosystem lớn provide value to lớn 0N1 as an IP.As the 0N1VERSE expands, so does the utility. With cross-platform digital ownership in mind, we've been developing an ecosystem to enhance the use of 0N1 Force NFTs as a web3 entity. Our goal is to lớn provide holders with experiences and an expansive toolkit of high-quality commercially-licensed art, open-source and editable 3D assets, NFTs, & access khổng lồ opportunities through strategic partnerships.0N1 Frame concept art by Ian Barreto.

The 0N1 KA1 are a group of extraordinary 0N1. Whether a global brand, world famous artist, or an outstanding member of the community we seek partnerships that elevate the 0N1 brand in strength, style, & spirit.‍We are constantly seeking strong affiliates to push the 0N1 Force brand in creative & exciting ways!


The launch of 0N1 Force pioneered a community movement khổng lồ create lore so rich và inspiring that it attracted over 40,000 contributions that could span several novels and animated films. Cromagnus, the in-house illustrator for the 0N1 Force project, is currently working with Josh Blaylock to bring this world to life through an exclusive digital comic. The first official 0N1 Force comic will be available lớn holders as an NFT in the near future. Please enjoy this preview of the cover for the first issue of 0N1 Force!



We see strength in community and have currated an inclusive space for all. We will be introducing a community wallet and global activations after the Nano Suit launch. Want khổng lồ keep up with all the latest news on the streets of the Enclave? We keep our active community informed & engaged with new nội dung on Discord first.


In 2021, we focused on a number of events in the real world, in 2022 our focus will shift khổng lồ the Metaverse as we plan partnered performances and seasonal events lớn bring the entire community together.


Working with artists both inside và outside the 0N1 Force community, we are developing collaboration opportunities và co-created lore.


You, nhân vật of the 0N1 Force, travel out into the crumbling Enclave because you feel a strong call from the One Source to lớn seek out adventure and knowledge. The boredom of your once calm life no longer appeals khổng lồ you – you are driven khổng lồ leave behind the safety of The Demon’s Kiss and explore the urban jungle, across The đen Sand Desert, khổng lồ the edge of the Ethereal Enclave lớn make your name. Whether you’re decrypting the Voice of M0R1A or in search of a lost family relic; regardless of what drives you, you are driven. You choose where to go và what to lớn do.‍There will be a handful of obvious choices, but you don't by any means need to take them. The Enclave is vast & adventure calls.Join the Discord to get involved in the co-creation of 0N1 Force lore.

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The original 0N1 Force collection released on August 18th and was quickly sold out shortly after launch. 0N1 Force NFTs are currently available on the secondary market, OpenSea, and can be purchased using an Etherem Wallet by clicking the button below.

OpenSea Marketplace

The original collection, 0N1 Force are 7,777 citizens that had once lived for eternity in the Ethereal Enclave. That all suddenly changed when the Emperor died và the Enclave was flung into chaos...Now the collection grows with the addition of Nano Suits, comic, & future Metaverse utility!