Good day, conquerors! We are excited lớn bring you Update 1.1.0: the first major game update to introduce a variety of gameplay, mechanics, crash and bug fixes, balance changes, và the triumphant return of two Domination battlefields to Total War: WARHAMMER III.

As the first major release, we’ve packaged a ton of work into the build và highlighted all the changes we’ve made in the notes below. For those of you who want an abbreviated version, here are the key features and fixes coming with today’s build:

Numerous crash fixesperformance optimizationsA major overhaul of the Realm of Chaos mechanicsA much-anticipated fix for a bugged interaction between the Everlasting Gift tech và Gift of Slaneesh upgradeA fix lớn ensure that Supply Lines values update properly when disbanding a LordFixes for numerous issues blocking players from completing the Prologue A one-on-one training montage lớn bulk up The Daemon Prince (aka “Daniel”)Major adjustments lớn the Daemons of Chaos Gifts and Gift SetsThe first improvements to unit responsiveness (with more coming later)Units must now brace against a charging attacker for Charge Reflection to take effectBalance updates for most factions and several faction-specific unitsTwo returning Domination battlefields: ArnheimBattle for ItzaMajor updates to the Domination multiplayer mode: including larger starting armies and an update lớn supply mechanics…and much more!

The detailed notes can be found below—including commentary from the teams & individuals who made the different changes. Give them a read while you’re downloading the build, and then join the discussion over on one of our official channels:

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 CHAT: The Total War Official Discord

As an important reminder: this is only the FIRST update for Total War: WARHAMMER III. There are still many, many years phối aside khổng lồ continue the growth và evolution of the game: including new features (Blood Pack, “Immortal Empires,” , etc.), ongoing fixes (auto-resolve, siege battles, unit movement, sync animations), continued adjustments lớn balance (the Realm of Chaos, existing and new factions), and more.

Even if you don’t see something included in today’s build, know that there are a variety of fixes, investigations, và projects still being worked on so they can be included in the game. Many of these are inspired by your discussions in the community, so continue to lớn hold those discussions! We will keep working with you to lớn paint a picture of what you’d like to see in Total War: WARHAMMER III & continue building a trò chơi that we can all enjoy!

We hope you enjoy Update 1.1.0, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

— The Total War Team

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