2 : in any case : without regard to lớn other considerations : anyhow She knew it was dangerous, but she did it anyway.

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3 : as an additional consideration or thought We don"t need a new car, và anyway, we can"t afford one.

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The road got worse, but they kept going anyway. I didn"t expect her to lớn say “yes,” but I asked her anyway. It makes no difference what we say. She"s going to vày what she wants anyway. He"s far from perfect, but she loves him anyway.

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Recent Examples on the website Kittens are crazy and fun anyway, but these two siblings immediately became partners in crime. — Shirley Macfarland, cleveland, 31 Mar. 2022 Thomas" supporters have said the swimmer should be able to compete with biological women, anyway. — Megan Myers, Fox News, 29 Mar. 2022 There would have been no customers anyway, nor staff lớn serve them. — David Reamer, Anchorage Daily News, 27 Mar. 2022 Mitch McLain & Cole Smith might be there already anyway. — Dave Kallmann, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 25 Mar. 2022 In some cases, those jobs may be in jeopardy anyway. — Bob Ortega, CNN, 24 Mar. 2022 Pi isn"t the only issue here, because speedometers aren"t perfect anyway. — Rhett Allain, Wired, 14 Mar. 2022 The man tried khổng lồ conceal his identity but was ultimately voted to lớn be unmasked anyway by viewers. — Marianne Garvey, CNN, 10 Mar. 2022 But the truth is the Bears’ 2022 outlook was uncertain anyway as Poles retools a roster with more than two dozen players set to become free agents next week. — Colleen Kane, chicagotribune.com, 8 Mar. 2022 See More

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