Cấu trúc thì thừa khứ đối chọi và thì vượt khứ tiếp tục với ‘When’ và ‘While’ thường xuất xắc gây nhiều lẫn cho chính mình học. Hãy cùng chăm học bài làm số bài bác tập thì vượt khứ tiếp nối với ‘When’ và ‘While’ sau đây để nuốm thật rõ phương pháp dùng khác biệt của nhì từ này nhé!

1. Write “When” or “While”

I was having lunch ______(when/while) Hoa arrived.______(when/while) I was sleeping, my mom was cooking.I went khổng lồ the door ______(when/while) I heard the doorbell.He was working ______(when/while) I called him.______(when/while) I saw Jack, he was with Tim.I cut my finger ______(when/while) I was cooking.He hurt his back ______(when/while) he tried to lớn lift the bed.______(when/while) we were standing outside the cinema, someone picked my pocket.______(when/while) Minh was studying, he often listened lớn music.Lan was very unhappy ______(when/while) things weren’t going well for her.Nhi came into the room ______(when/while) I was sleeping.She was walking back lớn her flat ______(when/while) she heard an explosion.I read book ______(when/while) waiting for the bus.Go straight and you get to a church. ______(when/while) there, take the next turning right.I will wake up ______(when/while) you arrives.Please kiểm tra your pockets _______ you back to lớn your sit.I was cooking ______(when/while) my brother was playing game.I will hotline you ______(when/while) I come home.______(when/while) I finished packing, we will leave.I picked up the phone ______(when/while) it rang.I was eating ______(when/while) my family was sleeping.Tell me ______(when/while) lớn start.He was shocked ______(when/while) I told him about Alena.She was only 18 ______(when/while) she had her first baby.Lan went there ______(when/while) she was a child.I read it ______(when/while) you were drying your hair.I found these photos_____ I was cleaning out my room.I didn’t smoke at all ______(when/while) I was pregnant.I gained a lot of weight_______ I was on holiday.Hoa gets 50$ a month ______(when/while) I get a only 30$.He was there quite a ______(when/while).You’ll be fine in a ______(when/while).Nhi is very outgoing, ______(when/while) Hoa is shy & quite.I was cooking ______(when/while) suddenly I heard a noise.______(when/while) Rose was reading a book, her husband went khổng lồ work.______(when/while) San and Kat were eating in the kitchen, the doorbell rang.Benda was playing in a volleyball team ______(when/while) he was a kid.Jack came trang chủ ______(when/while) her brother was playing games.______(when/while) Nhi was crying, the rain started.He broke his arm ______(when/while) he was playing badminton.

2. Write the correct khung of the verbs

She met him while she __________(travel) on a train.While the woman was getting off the the bus, she ________(fall down).The thief ________(break) into while we were sleeping.Lan took a photo while I _______(not/look).While my mum was working in the garden, she _________(hurt) her back.We were living in Hanoi when our old aunt _______(die).When I got up this morning, it___________(rain) heavily.While my dad was brushing teeth, my mum ________(fall asleep).I saw a nightmare while I _______(sleep) last night.What happened in your dream while a boss _________(chase) you?He ________ (study) Chemistry when my friends ________(come) around.While Hoa ________(walk) in the street, she ______(meet) her ex.Her baby _____(wake) up while she ________(wash) the dish.He_________(work) when her wife _________(phone) him.The students _______(have) a chạy thử when the storm _______(start).We _________(see) a falling star while we ___________(go) fishing in the lake.Nhi ______________(fall) down while she __________(climb) the ladderI __________(walk) along the road when I __________(see) you with her.Minh ____(burn) his hand while he ___________(cook) the dinner.My mom ________(fall) asleep while she _________(read) a book.


3. Write the past forms of the verbs

Eat –

Think –

Write –

Cut –

Lose –

Choose –

Know –

Buy –

Sleep –

Be –

Sing –

Put –

Speak –

Tell –

Begin –

Keep –

Win –

Understand –


Đáp án Write “When” or “While”

1. When

2. While

3. When

4. When

5. When

6. While

7. When

8. While

9. When

10. When

11. When

12. While

13. When

14. When

15. When

16. When

17. While

18. When

19. When

20. When

21. While

22. When

23. When

24. When

25. When

26. When

27. While

28. When

29. While

30. While

31. While

32. While

33. While

34. While

35. When

36. When

37. When

38. When

39. While

40. When

Đáp án Write the correct size of the verbs

1. Was travelling

2. Fell down

3. Broke

4. Was not looking

5. Hurt

6. Died

7. Was raining

8. Fell asleep

9. Was sleeping

10. Was chasing

11. Was studying/came

12. Was walking/met

13. Woke up/was washing

14. Was working/phoned

15. Were having/ started

16. Saw/ were going

17. Fell down/ was climbing

18. Was walking/saw

19. Burnt/ was cooking


Bạn đang xem: Bài tập quá khứ đơn và quá khứ tiếp diễn

Xem thêm: Các Cấu Trúc Tiếng Anh Thi Học Sinh Giỏi 9, Tổng Hợp Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh Lớp 9

Fell asleep/ was reading

Đáp án Write the past forms of the verbs

Eat – ate

Think – Thought

Write – Wrote

Cut – Cut

Lose – Lost

Choose – Chose

Know – Knew

Buy – Bought

Sleep – Slept

Be – was

Sing – sang

Put –put

Speak – spoke

Tell – told

Begin – began

Keep – Kept

Win – won

Understand – Understood

Trên đấy là một số bài bác tập thì thừa khứ tiếp diễn với when và while bởi vì Chăm học bài nghiên cứu và biên soạn. Các bạn đã nắm rõ cách sử dụng của When với While chứ? Hãy tự để câu cùng ôn lại kết cấu ngữ pháp nhằm nhớ kĩ rộng nhé!