Stead as a noun exists, but is archaic. If you want lớn use it, it needs a specifier: his stead as in WS2"s answer, or the stead. So you can say in the stead of; but instead of is much more common.



Instead is usually written as one word. It does not mean however that in & stead, cannot be separated in some circumstances e.g.:

My father is too ill to go lớn the meeting so I shall go in his stead.


Stead comes from the Germanic root for "place, town," but we usually use it for a person"s place, and most frequently when someone is serving as a substitute.

If you serve in someone"s stead, you"re doing their job for them while they"re not there.

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The adverb instead can also mean rather than, & in this context it"s usually followed by "of." (TFD)


Legalese accepts the phrase, "in place và in stead of".Usage of "instead"- Today I decided to try tea instead of my usual coffee. Explanation- Use "instead" if you mean "something other than". Usage of "in stead"- My dad was ill so I went to the meeting in his stead. Explanation- Use "in stead" if you mean "standing in for".

Yes, "in stead" is never correct. "instead" is separable in some circumstances, but when the two parts are separated they have khổng lồ be separated by something. So "in stead" would close right up again if it ever momentarily existed, notionally like a virtual electron-positron pair.

If you are dead phối on separating the two parts with something, you can do it when the result is shorter and/or more elegant than the alternative. "in his stead" is shorter than "instead of him", for example! Also way less clumsy, so satisfies the elegant minimum energy theory of valid grammar constructs.

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