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Whenever installing a new program on Windows 10, you should always make sure you document yourself on whether it is compatible with your OS or not.Sometimes, due to software issues, you will be prompted with an error message stating that the OS is not configured to lớn run that application, and that is when you should follow the steps listed in this guide.

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Have you recently upgraded your OS to Windows 10? Then you probably have seen the annoying The operating system is not presently configured to lớn run this applicationerror whenever you want to lớn launch any Microsoft Office 365 applications.

This post will help you khổng lồ solve this problem.

This error prevents Windows 10 users from successfully launching their applications. Meanwhile, we have compiled solutions which you can use to quickly fix this error.

What can I vì chưng if the OS is not configured lớn run certain apps?

1. Run Windows Update

After the update is complete, restart your Windows PC.

Another way of fixing the error message is by running Windows Update. Microsoft constantly releases Windows updates so as lớn improve the system’s stability and fix various issues và errors; fixes for Microsoft Office 365 could be included as well in the latest updates.

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2. Repair Microsoft Office installation

Press the Windows & R keys at the same time to launch the Run program.Select Full Repair or Online Repair option and wait for the repair process lớn finish.

The installed Microsoft Office program may be corrupted because of the migration process from to Windows 10 OS. However, Microsoft Office program can be repaired from Control Panel.

You may have lớn fix the error problem by repairing the Microsoft Office installation.

Note: You need lớn use genuine license/activation details to re-activate Microsoft Office. Also, Online Repair requires an internet connection; ensure you have an active internet connection if you select this option.

You don’t know what to bởi when the Windows key stops working? kiểm tra out this guide and fix the issue easily.

3. Repair your tệp tin registry

Wait for the scanning process to complete & then restart your computer. All corrupted files will be repaired on reboot.

Corrupted tệp tin registry may be responsible for “The operating system is not presently configured khổng lồ run this application” error message. In addition, this corruption manipulates Microsoft Office 365 program tệp tin data; hence, causing the error message.

Use Windows’ in-built System tệp tin Checker or third-party utility toolsto kiểm tra for corrupted files, verify the integrity of all system files, & repair the problematic files.

If you want lớn repair your system file registry safely, you can use specialized Windows repairing tools delivered by Restoro.

4. Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics

Press Windows và Q keys at the same time và type Microsoft office diagnostics without quotes.From the tìm kiếm result, click on Microsoft Office Diagnostics to lớn launch the program.Follow the prompts và click on Start Diagnostics.Click on Close option after the troubleshooting.

Another way of fixing the error problem is by running Microsoft Office diagnostics. This troubleshooting tool identifies the problem và fixes it lớn ensure the smooth running of Microsoft Office.

5. Reinstall Microsoft Office

Uninstall Microsoft Office from Control Panel. Install Microsoft Office và then reboot your PC.

Note: In addition, you will also require genuine license/activation details in order lớn proceed with the fresh installation of Microsoft Office.

Also, you can uninstall Microsoft Office package on your PC & install a fresh copy on your Windows 10 PC. Reinstalling Microsoft Office can get rid of the error problem on your PC.

To safely uninstall Microsoft Office we suggest you try a professional uninstaller tool that will remove any application in seconds.

Then, you have available the solution of entirely removing the wanted application, using the best uninstaller software for Windows 10 PCs.

For more info on how khổng lồ completely remove Office from your Windows PC take a look at this amazing article. If you want to know how to lớn remove software leftovers, check out this useful guide.

6. Run the Program in compatibility mode

Here, select the Compatibility tab, and kiểm tra the box Run this program in compatibility mode for:Lastly, click OK to run the program.

Some applications not optimized for newer operating systems cannot adapt which causes the error message. By running your program in the compatibility mode, the Windows 10 OS will enable the application khổng lồ run in an older version of Windows.

Note: You can also use Compatibility Administrator; this is one of the latest tools by Microsoft which fixes programs that do not run Windows. It makes the program compatible with Windows PCs. You can download Compatibility Administrator here & install it on your Windows PC.

For more information concerning how to lớn use Compatibility Administrator, visit the official Microsoft Compatibility Administrator website.

7. Update your drivers

You can easily update the drivers manually from your Device Manager. To bởi so, access theDevice Managerwindow và right-click on the device whose driver you want to update. Select theUpdate driver optionand let Windows search automatically for the most convenient update.

Once you get the result & approve it, Windows will instantly download and install the driver.

Many users confirmed they fixed this problem by updating their drivers. So, go ahead & install the latest driver updates for your GPU, peripherals and so on. Restart your computer for the changes to lớn take effect.

In conclusion, make sure you have a genuine Microsoft Office key before you proceed with any of the fixes that require installation repair.

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