PrimaryPrimary6–126Education in Hong Kong is modeled after the UK education system. Education is không tính tiền and compulsory in primary & junior secondary school.Independent schools (including the English Schools Foundation (ESF) và international schools) follow the U.S., U.K, I.B. Or other overseas curriculum.

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MiddleJunior Secondary12–153Junior Secondary School (Secondary Forms 1 lớn 3)
SecondarySenior Secondary 3Awards the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)
SecondaryAdvanced cấp độ 2Hong Kong Advanced màn chơi Examinations. (Forms S6, S7) Pre-2009
TertiaryUndergraduate Education4In total, there are 12 accredited higher education institutions in Hong Kong.In September 1999, the Education Commission began a reviews of the entire Hong Kong education system & issued a proposal for reforms of the academic structure, curricula, và assessment mechanisms at all levels of education. The reform entails the replacement of the current HKCEE và HKALE by one examination to be taken at the over of the senior secondary stage, tentatively named the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). The length of the undergraduate degree will also be extended from 3 khổng lồ 4 years, thus more in line with the U.S. Tertiary educational system.

Primary Education

The Hong Kong education system is based on the British model, although these days the medium of education is Chinese. The first 9 years are compulsory although most students complete all 12. Even primary school is highly competitive. During the 6 years of this a series of examinations are taken. Subjects include chinese, english, mathematics, music và arts, science, social studies, & physical education.

Secondary Education

Schooling continues at secondary school of which the first 3 years are compulsory within a standardized academic program. In years 4 to 6 though, students may select 2 to lớn 3 elective subjects from a choice of 20, in addition lớn their prescribed chinese, english, liberal studies và mathematics programs. Other options include a b-tec course.

Vocational Education

The Chinese government is committed khổng lồ life-long adult education post-school. This includes professional training, as well as a huge range of non-degree programs provided by universities & other institutions. Languages including English, mandarin and Japanese are especially popular.

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Tertiary Education

Tertiary education is a focus of many Hong Kong citizens in a city-state that boasts 8 universities. Of these the oldest is the University of Hong Kong that is regarded as one of the most prestigious in all of Asia, and is illustrated here. It was established in 1910 on the foundations of the Hong Kong College of Medicine. Over and above a school of professional and continuing education, today it boasts faculties of architecture, arts, business & economics, dentistry, education, engineering, law, medicine, science, & social studies.


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