We are preparing the next generation of leaders who want lớn make a difference in this world. You are passionate & have a desire khổng lồ be a part of something bigger than yourself, which is why our mission is to educate, train, & disciple church and world leaders.

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Discover a fresh approach to higher education at a place where you can develop your purpose with incredible hands-on experience & a Christ-centered education.
Throughout our campus & Seacoast community, we want you lớn feel like family. We believe it’s the right place, the right size, và with the right people.
Develop your skills and passions in real time as you work alongside the staff và leaders of Seacoast Church and the Charleston community.
We unapologetically teach from a Christian perspective through programs offered through Southeastern University, a regionally-accredited institution.
We’re so glad you’re considering SEU Seacoast Campus as you take your next steps và discover your calling.
At Seacoast Church, we are committed to lớn providing an atmosphere to educate, train, & disciple you as a vital part of who we are by making a place for people to find God, grow their faith, discover their purpose and ultimately make a difference. We are confident you will find God và grow your faith here, and we are very committed khổng lồ helping you not only discover your purpose, but lớn receive chất lượng education & practical hands-on training that immediately prepares you lớn make a difference both at Seacoast và wherever your journey takes you.We can’t wait to lớn meet you!


Discover your calling through an incredible hands-on experience and Christ-centered education with us.
Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida partners with Seacoast Church to lớn host an instructional site on the church campus. Southeastern University offers excellent college education for an affordable price. With regional accreditation, Southeastern University is well established & proud lớn offer students opportunities lớn discover their divine design.

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We"d love to hear from you và answer any questions you might have. Please give us your information below lớn get started.
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