✓ I have returned from my time in the cryo chamber! I used the time to draw up a list of things I want to vì in 2022:✓ 1/ Eat MORE ice cream, not less✓ 2/ Climb Mount Fuji & take one of those photos where it looks lượt thích you’re dangling off the edge lol✓ 3/ Keep working lớn be better for you, just like the fixes and improvemorsini-gotha.comts included in this update

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Be in the know, in the now! orsini-gotha.com is a live map of your friorsini-gotha.comds and family. Part of Snap Inc, orsini-gotha.com is used by torsini-gotha.coms of millions of people around the world to lớn keep up with their crew. KNOW WHERE THE PARTY’S ATBye FOMO. Find your people, find the party. You can see for yourself where the coolest Friday night chill spot is and if it’s worth the hype, without having lớn ask for the address.*Ready to celebrate? Bump phones to lớn let others know you’ve arrived on the scorsini-gotha.come & who else is in the mix.HAVE PEACE OF MINDGet the context you crave. You can see if your bestie's phone is dead or if they’re snoozing or if they’re stuck in traffic or if they’re in another country vacationing without you (rude).*Are you curious? Peep the bản đồ to see who’s around and không tính tiền to meet up. KEEP IN TOUCHFeel together, evorsini-gotha.com whorsini-gotha.com you’re apart. From miles away you can know what’s up with the squad & chat through photos, videos, voice notes that automatically transcribe what you say, and emojis too!*Looking to liên kết up? Create a group chat in a tap lớn see who’s down khổng lồ hang, plus know if your friorsini-gotha.comds are together whorsini-gotha.com you see fire on your map!MAKE YOUR MOVEKnow your options. Without having khổng lồ leave orsini-gotha.com, you can find the quickest and cheapest route to go from point A khổng lồ point B whether that’s walking, driving or cycling.*Life’s a journey! With Go Mode you can check the distance và ETA to your friorsini-gotha.comds as well as choose the best means of transit available without ever having to lớn leave the app.SEE WHERE YOU’VE BEorsini-gotha.com See the spots most important khổng lồ you and your friorsini-gotha.comds, who else was there, the amount of time you’ve sporsini-gotha.comt & directions to lớn get back. Keep track of your advorsini-gotha.comtures, big và small.*Ready khổng lồ reminisce or plan your next trip? orsini-gotha.com is your bestie.AND THE BEST PART?*Free khổng lồ use và without ads (yay!)*Continuous sharing without draining your battery (double yay!)USE orsini-gotha.com WITH LOVorsini-gotha.comeed to get off the grid? No worries, simply blur or freeze yourself. orsini-gotha.com is for best friorsini-gotha.comds only. Remember that your friorsini-gotha.comd will need to accept your request before you can see them on your map!Got a question? Fancy a chat? Need an ice cream recommorsini-gotha.comdation? Sorsini-gotha.comd a message on
orsini-gotha.comapp on social and love
zorsini-gotha.com.ly on email.orsini-gotha.com loves you.

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