Everyone wants lớn run the game ios themes on game android devices but not does it. So today I have good news for game android users now you can easily apply it because game ios 9 has been announced và it has loads of new features. If you are an game android lover and want to lớn adopt the new looks & feels of the tiện ích ios 9, here we’re are mô tả iOS 9 Theme with ios 9 Wallpapers & icons pack.

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Before downloading the tiện ích ios 9 theme, you need launcher app so first tải về the iLauncher app, A third các buổi tiệc nhỏ launcher which is particularly designed to lớn make your apk device looks lượt thích an iPhone.

Main features of ios 9 Theme:

iOS 9 WallpapersiOS Style notification bar.All the trademark icons

Download và Install game ios 9 theme on Android Devices:

Step No 1: First of all tải về all these 3 files on your app android devices.

1) App: iLauncher from the Play Store2) Icon Pack: Link3) Sounds: Link

Step No 2: Once the files are downloaded then Install these files on your game android device: Watch here

Step No 4: Once done all you have to bởi so that you can get the quả táo 9 features.


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