There are avariety ofdocuments that don’t need both parties’ signatures tovalidate them. These include tax forms, documents submitted tocourts, questionnaires, etc. However, when wespeak about contracts, both parties have tosign them tomake them valid.

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Acontract isawritten agreement between two ormore parties todosomething inexchange for remuneration (money paid for work orservice). Ifthe agreement isoral, neither buổi tiệc ngọt has tovalidateit. However, ifthe agreement iswritten, both parties become liable for their sides ofthe deal. Law enforced the written agreements via signatures ofthe responsible parties.

Here are two aspects that make contracts legally binding:

The agreement isclosed when one tiệc nhỏ accepts anoffer from another party.Something isused ascompensation inreturn for goods orservices.
Acontract isenforceable only ifitissigned byall parties. When signed byall parties, it’s much easier toresolve the related disputes incourt. Ifjust one buổi tiệc nhỏ signs anagreement, itisconsidered not legally binding. However, there were cases when courts recognized the written agreement valid even though itwas signed byone party only. But situations like that are exceptions.

Note: technically, anagreement signed byone party can bevalid insome cases. For example, when you send asigned job offer toanew employee. Sometimes, It’s sufficient when one tiệc nhỏ signs the document, while the other các buổi tiệc nhỏ starts completing the provisions inthe contract. Still, inmost cases, ifsigned byone party, itisnot legal.


What isthe Best Way toSign aContract?

There are two ways tovalidate acontract: the traditional one via ahandwritten signature & amore modern one anelectronic signature. While aphysical one was the only option until recently, eSignature isinfull swing now. Still, there are cases when only one orthe other isallowed.

Handwritten signatures really look extremely outdated. Ittakes too much time, effort, và cost for companies todeal with handwritten signatures. Imagine you signed anagreement, nowHR needs toscanit, upload ittothe computer and put itinthe relevant folder.

Onthe other hand, eSignatures helped streamline the signing process. Today you can add asignature toaWord document with the help ofMicrosoft Office. You can also use Adobe Reader tosign aPDF document. However, businesses choose toemploy more modern eSignature software và application tools. With their help there isnoneed toput upwith long queues & inconvenient working hours, you can validate agreements onthego, even while commuting.

It’s asafe bet that eSignature solutions will grow innumber và start hitting the market inthe upcoming years. But what makes them sopopular with businesses? Are they really worth investingin? Toanswer this question, let’s see what benefits eSignature tools have tooffer:Cost-efficiency. Companies nolonger have tospend money onpaper, ink, delivery, etc.Enhanced performance. ESignatures help tốc độ upprocesses, achieve more, & improve quality.Advanced security. ESignature software iscapable ofdetecting changes & preventing fraud.24/7operation. Your customers can sign contracts atany time. Atnight, inthe morning, onthe weekends oreven onholidays.Customer satisfaction. You can win and retain new customers bycreating favorable conditions for them while cooperating with you.


How toSign aContract with

Among avariety ofeSignature platforms, isarobust, full-featured tool that has the upper hand inthe market. It’s helped thousands ofcompanies streamline their signing processes. Among them XEROX, CBS Sports, Tech Data, AMGEN, Colliers, và others. Not only isitcompliant with the most popular security standards, but italso has aproven effect ofboosting team productivity. Before sending, you can even edit your document.

Tovalidate acontract with, follow the instructions:

Open acursor where you want tocreate asignature field.Add signers.Create a signing order.Send the document out for signing.

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